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Premises Liability-Inadequate Security Litigation, also known as Crime Victim Compensation Lawsuits Office

We litigate negligence and wrongful death lawsuits to recover monetary damages for consumers, tenants or their guests, against landlords, property management companies, security guard companies, business owners and property owners concerning home invasions, wrongful death, robbery, rape, sexual assault and carjacking crimes, etc. that occur at rental apartment buildings, condominium complexes, nightclubs, office buildings, shopping centers, parking lots, etc.

Consumers, tenants or their guests, may recover monetary compensation whenever they are on commercial property and they experience personal injury due to a third-party's criminal act.

The legal claims may include negligence, inadequate security, negligent security, premises security liability, negligent hiring, negligent supervision, private nuisance, and wrongful death. Consumers, tenants or their guests, may recover for loss wages, pain & suffering, medical expenses and wrongful death.

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Have you been injured and victimized by a crime on commercial property or within a business establishment? If so, you may have a right to full and fair compensation for your damages. However, commercial property owners and business owners in general didn't get their money by writing out checks to anyone who asks, and they will do everything in their power to avoid paying the compensation to those injured on their property.

OfficeYou need a knowledgeable crime victims' rights, home invasion liability, premises security liability, negligent security and inadequate security lawyer to hold negligent property owners and negligent business owners accountable and secure the compensation you deserve. Attorney Stan Brown has extensive legal experience representing crime victims in Maryland and Washington, D.C., and he will not rest until you are back on your feet.

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Why Do Crime Victims and Their Survivors Need an Attorney?

  • Commercial property owners, business owners and powerful insurance companies will do everything in their power to avoid paying for their mistakes. It is imperative to have a skilled attorney on your side who knows how to get results. Attorney Stan Brown will explore every legal avenue for pursuing your right to compensation.

Serious Injuries Can Result From Negligent or Inadequate Security Office

  • Commercial property owners and business owners have a legal responsibility to provide a reasonable level of security on their premises. When there is a home invasion, negligent security or inadequate security and they have failed in their legal duty, it leaves the door open for a variety of heinous crimes such as:
  • Rape, sexual assault, domestic violence and stalking
  • Homicide
  • Other violent crimes such as home invasions and robberies at rental apartment complexes, assault and batteries, and carjackings involving gunshots and stabbings
  • Attorney Stan Brown has dedicated his legal practice to premises security liability, negligent security, inadequate security and crime victim compensation cases.

OfficeDon't let anybody discourage you from seeking the compensation you deserve. Attorney Stan Brown can help you level the playing field against powerful interests and seek the fair compensation you need for a full recovery from your crime victim injuries. For a free initial consultation, call 301.883.8888 now.