Robbery & Stabbing Victims

Seeking Justice for Stabbing Victims in Largo, Maryland

If you or a loved one has been stabbed while you were the victim of a home invasion robbery or on commercial property or within a business establishment, the perpetrator may not be the only one who has wronged you. Commercial property owners and business owners have a legal responsibility to provide adequate security on their premises. When they fail to take the reasonable measures necessary to do that, they may be liable for the heinous crimes that occur as a result.

The first step for a stabbing victim is to hire an experienced attorney to pursue their rights. Skilled home invasion robbery liability, premises security liability, negligent security and inadequate security attorney Stan Brown has extensive legal experience with these cases and provides stabbing victims in Maryland and Washington, D.C., with an aggressive pursuit of the compensation they deserve.

Have you been stabbed and injured, due to a home invasion robbery, on commercial property or within a business establishment as a result of another person's criminal act? Speak with a lawyer today. Contact the Stan Derwin Brown Law Office to discuss your legal options.

57Know Your Rights as a Stabbing Victim

Whether a stabbing occurred during a home invasion robbery, a parking lot robbery, carjacking or completely out of the blue, you have significant rights as a stabbing victim. First of all, you can fill out an application to seek benefits from the Maryland Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund or from the Washington, D.C., Crime Victim Compensation Program.

In addition, you may be able to go above and beyond that by suing the owner of the commercial property or by suing the business owner where the stabbing occurred. Commercial property owners and business owners who fail to provide adequate security may be liable for injuries that occur as a result. Attorney Stan Brown will fight aggressively to hold them accountable for their negligence.


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